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Come join me, my guests, & other Pathfinders on social media. I'm posting behind-the-scenes, bloopers, good quotes, and links to interesting brain food I discuss with my guests.

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Join us on Discord chat server. This is mainly for feedback, Q&A, and career advice.

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Are you a career counselor or student club organizer?

I'm excited to hear that my podcast is a helpful resource for your students/club members! I want to make things I want to make things super easy for you to spread the words. I will mail little pathfinders podcast cards you can place in your office, club rooms, or hand out to people—no matter where you are in the world for free////to you anywhere in the world at no cost. 

Are you a career counselor?

Promotional material for your students/club members? I'll deliver them to you anywhere in the world for free.

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I'll just be straightforward with you: it costs money to run the show. It costs money to host the audio files, the website, and about 20 hours to record and edit each episode. While I'm doing this because I want to, I'll always appreciate any help.

How you can help the show: buy books with my affiliate links, audible trials, kindle trials.

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I'd love to know other podcasters who have the same interests. If your podcast is about career, school, passion, life experiences, self-improvement or related topics, let's talk about how we can collaborate.


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Got an interesting life journey or unconventional career? 

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Let me know your thoughts on how we could collaborate. I'm always open to new ideas

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