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Ellie Pattanaworakij has been freelancing in many different things and trying everything she wants to do in life. She's a proof that it's perfectly fine not to have a "one true passion".



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Ellie Pattanaworakij has recently started her new job as a sales coordinator for a global hotel chain, but don't let this fool you! She has experimented with many things on her life journey, from being a graphic designer, photographer, teacher, event organizer, and more, with each unique job bringing her closer to understanding herself and becoming who she wants to be. She shared her experiences of finding work in different fields, overcoming depression and feeling lost, and that it's perfectly fine not to have a "one true passion".


  • Studied: Mass Communication Arts
  • Past jobs: Graphic Designer, Coordinator, Photographer, English Teacher, Event Organizer
  • Home country: Thailand


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Timestamps & Quotes


01:24 Do what you want; try things just to see if you like it
05:38 Living in the moment, finding passion in small things



07:36 Family going bankrupt
10:34 Going into science, architecture, and mass communication



13:10 Freelance graphic designer
13:27 Coordinator at an English school
15:40 Losing directions and becoming depressed
18:51 Overcoming depression & changing things she hated about herself
22:39 Freelance photographer for events, fashion, products, and food
25:07 Food stylist—techniques to making food photos look good
26:53 English teacher for kids
28:26 Event organizer
28:49 How is it so easy to get new jobs in many fields?
31:44 BANK personality theory
36:40 Sales coordinator at a hotel



38:47 Things she wants to have in life



39:21 Do what you want
39:54 Tips on making new connections
41:18 Exercise helps you mentally



41:52 The Courage to be Disliked

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