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Peter Keusgen is a Chief Investment Officer whose 49 years of life is filled with surprising experiences. He will tell you why you should never submit your resume and how to increase your chances of getting hired.

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About the guest

Peter Keusgen will be celebrating his golden jubilee birthday next year. His years of experience shows that life is nothing but conventional. It started when he left Australia for Korea without much prior knowledge. Since then, he's been a street performer, an engineer at Ford, a scuba diving instructor in Vietnam, a Communication Specialist at McKinsey, and now a CIO of a bank. He shared an important lesson of proactively creating your own opportunities and why you should never submit your resume.


  • Studied: Industrial Engineering, Asian Studies
  • Past jobs: Musician/Street Performer, Engineer, English Teacher, Event Staff, Trainee Manager, Financial Editor, Financial Analyst, Communication Specialist, Investor Relations Manager, Finance Writer, Private Equity Consultant
  • Home country: Australia (expat in Korea, Thailand)
  • Age at interview: 49


Peter's book recommendations

Two novels that made an impact on Peter's guiding principles: on understanding your passion, destiny, and becoming good at what you do.

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Timestamps & Quotes


00:23 Guest intro
01:02 Always find out the truth for yourself


SCHOOL & Part-Time Work

02:10 Wanted to be a lawyer in high school, then studying engineering
02:47 Playing clarinet & saxophone in the army band and as a street performer
03:38 ADVICE: Thoughts on talents
06:12 Working at Ford; hidden job expectations & company culture
09:06 Would’ve studied law instead because his current job is more lawyer-like
09:49 Always look forward; All your experiences are never time-wasted; it’s fine to change fields and start at the bottom
11:28 Do job titles really matter? 
13:08 Studying Asian Studies in Korea; culture shock
17:09 Teaching English in Korea
18:22 Working at the Australian government international expo



19:30 Trainee Manager at a fell mongering company
21:46 ADVICE: Calling up the CEO of an IT consulting company; Standing out from other job applicants

@@“If you go to a company and say “I really want to work for you,” often, they’d be absolutely delighted.” –Peter Keusgen@@

25:40 Spontaneously switching to work in finance as a Financial Editor in a stock broking firm
27:36 ADVICE: Becoming a Financial Analyst; How to figure out your passion
30:41 Communication Specialist at McKinsey; Love for learning
32:54 Investor Relations Manager at HNCB bank; stressful Korean work culture
34:28 ADVICE: Becoming an expert and valuable to others

@@“What’s gonna make people value you and trust you is knowing everything about your job.” –Peter Keusgen@@
@@“Once you become good at something and people recognize that, then job offers will come.” –Peter Keusgen@@

35:45 ADVICE: The balance between what you like and dislike in a career
37:40 Taking a break and teaching English at university
38:06 Backpacking around Asia & Australia for 5 years; Being a scuba diving instructor

@@“If you create an opportunity to be lucky, then you’ll probably be lucky.” –Peter Keusgen@@

39:52 ADVICE: Going back into finance; Don’t take no for an answer; There’s always a backdoor to getting what you want
42:50 Writing financial newsletters & option newsletters
45:03 Private equity research & getting passionate about consulting for small business founders
46:46 Chief Investment Officer of an New Zealand bank, CEO of an ecommerce company



49:34 Create your own opportunity; never apply for a job
51:01 How to find job connections

@@“Opportunities don’t have to knock on your door, you can actually create opportunities. Once you realize that, opportunities really become boundless.” –Peter Keusgen@@


52:54 Two novels on understanding your passion, destiny, and becoming good at what you do

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