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Natty Wegoda is a stand-up comedian and comedy promoter who built the biggest stand-up comedy community in Thailand for people with the same passion as hers.

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About the guest

Natty is a stand-up comedian, comedy promoter, and radio news anchor among other things she's doing in the entertainment industry. She and her husband built an amazing community around the only dedicated stand-up & improv comedy club in Thailand, which has hosted many world-famous comedians. She didn't start off her career this way and had her fair share of working in the corporate world. Let's hear her journey through her career change and establishing a community she's passionate about.


  • Studied: Travel Industry Management
  • Past jobs: Marketing, Corporate Communication
  • Home country: Thailand
  • Age at interview: Early 30's

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Timestamps & Quotes


00:23 What’s a comedy promoter?
01:24 How would you describe yourself and your humor?



02:51 Growing up in a Chinese family
04:50 University & discovering a passion for marketing
07:58 First job as a market researcher
10:42 Getting opportunities from Toastmasters



12:27 What made you switch to comedy
14:28 First performance
15:25 Process of coming up with a sketch
17:09 Dealing with hecklers with a comeback/being witty
19:26 How to build confidence
21:30 Performing personas
24:40 Getting gigs in other countries



25:33 How did you start building a community?
26:36 Creating the community brand
29:06 Working with world-famous comedians
31:14 Have you ever had to kick anyone out?
32:48 How did you start from zero members?

@@“Community starts from a passion of one person.” –Natty Wegoda@@

35:05 Turning it into a business

@@“Life would connect the dots and take you in a direction you don’t even know could happen.” –Natty Wegoda@@

35:52 How to know your passion, dealing with when you want to give up

@@“If you fall in love with something, you’d be consumed with that thing for a very long time.” –Natty Wegoda@@
@@“Life is too short to worry about making mistakes. Everybody is gonna fail at some point in time, as long as you can get up.” –Natty Wegoda@@

41:42 How marriage affects your career



43:54 Working as a radio news anchor



44:50 Future goals for herself & the community



46:28 Don’t compare yourself, follow your own definition of success
48:35 Give back to the community

@@“Once you reach a certain level of success, you should feel content enough to start giving back to the community.” –Natty Wegoda@@

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