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Kim Cofino is leading a change in education by helping teachers, schools, and parents integrate technology into classrooms and making learning an engaging experience for students.

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About the guest

Kim Cofino started her career as a teacher in international schools. Now she's an entrepreneur leading a global educational technology consulting firm where she (and her team) help teachers, parents and schools navigate the digital world. From parent training to professional development for teachers, Kim is passionate about making the most of what technology has to offer—and she's not afraid to take some big risks to get her message out into the world!


  • Studied: History, Political Science
  • Past jobs: Property Manager, Elementary & Middle School Teacher, Integrated Technology Consultant
  • Home country: USA (expat in Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand)
  • MBTI: ENTJ / Enneagram: 1

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Timestamps & Quotes


00:32 Introducing her 3 companies in educational tech
02:44 Having a Type A personality


journey: Getting into education

04:13 Education in America
05:48 Studied to be a lawyer but changed her mind
06:59 First job as a property manager
07:45 Internship at an international school in Germany
12:30 Getting a Master's in education and becoming a teacher
13:32 Developing a technology integration program

@@“I guess I’m persistent and resilient. When people tell me no, I usually figure out another way to do it.” –Kim Cofino@@

18:06 Moving to Malaysia
19:11 How do you get the same job position you created at other schools?
21:40 Holistic international school curriculum
23:29 Getting a job at International School Bangkok
25:24 Moving to Japan

CAREER: education entrepreneur

27:23 Moving back to Bangkok to focus on her own business
28:25 Creating COETAIL and Eduro Learning
32:54 Complimentary strengths you & your business partners have
33:59 What is Eduro offering now?
34:50 Challenges working with teachers, parents, students
38:44 How do you decide to expand your business?
40:31 Growing connections in many countries
41:32 Shifting Our School podcast on education
42:37 Learning2: a non-profit conference


43:13 Achieving her goals and becoming better


43:44 Overcoming the fear of becoming an entrepreneur
47:58 Have you ever felt like giving up?


48:42 Follow your instinct and keep going


50:10 Books that motivated her as a teacher and entrepreneur
52:24 Podcasts on tech

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