MBTI Counselor / Introspective Introvert's Insights


Ploy Suriwong, the MBTI Counselor, shared insights on using introspection and personality theories to understand herself and others, and overcoming challenges as an introvert.




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About the guest

Ploy Suriwong is an MBTI Counselor (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). She designs and facilitates workshops on MBTI, in relations to leadership, teamwork, and self-discovery, for companies and anyone interested in personal growth. She is an introvert who has overcome her fears of public speaking and working with people who are usually much older than she is. Listen to Ploy's experience on being an introspective introvert in an extraverted field, and using insights from personality theories to understand herself and others.

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  • Studied: Architecture
  • Past jobs: Architect, Interior Designer
  • Home country: Thailand
  • MBTI: INFP / Enneagram: 4
  • Age at interview: 28


Ploy's book recommendations

Her favorites on MBTI, Jungian psychology, and facilitation skills.


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Timestamps & Quotes


0:37 Who are you as a person?
1:47 The difference between coach v.s. facilitator


3:54 What do you do as an MBTI Counselor?
6:32 Basic MBTI workshops
7:26 Advanced MBTI workshops
8:23 Full day workshop walkthrough
9:39 Typing people through scenario
11:08 Why it’s ethically wrong to tell people their type
12:30 Why online MBTI “tests” are inaccurate
14:31 Overcoming fears as an introvert
16:23 How have INFP qualities helped in your job?
18:08 Teammates of other types, their strengths & weaknesses
19:04 Liking the self-learning aspects
20:21 Integrating your passion into your life
22:01 Disliking the business aspects
24:07 Using type unique strengths in teamwork


25:31 Childhood dreams
26:53 Being an empathetic kid
29:07 Architectural school
30:57 MBTI certification program
32:23 How did you figure out your passion?

@@“[On MBTI] I don’t get bored with it at all. The more I read about it, the more I love it. Then I started to know it’s my passion. I eat with it, sleep with it. All my hobbies become MBTI-related stuff.” –Ploy Suriwong@@

32:37 Recommended uni courses for becoming an MBTI practitioner
33:38 Always expand your knowledge
35:18 Is having an MBTI certification enough?
36:48 How long it takes to become a good counselor
37:50 How would other people get into this field?
38:09 Qualities of a good MBTI practitioner


39:06 Difficult parts about being an MBTI Counselor


40:19 Starting an alternative school that teaches self-awareness
42:18 How young can you type kids?
43:01 Further education in learning innovation & facilitation


44:20 Special advice for intuitive introverts
44:55 The mindset to overcoming your fears

@@“If you’re really passionate about it, you won’t give up. You’ll try every single way.” –Ploy Suriwong@@

45:54 Be kind to yourself and others
47:09 Nurture your friendships
47:50 Make mistakes

@@“Make mistakes. Fall, but make sure you get up and know why you just fell. If you think ‘I have to do this right. I cannot fall at all.’ Your life is gonna be miserable.” –Ploy Suriwong@@



48:21 MBTI books
48:54 Keirsey temperaments v.s. cognitive functions
49:37 Different ways to group MBTI types
50:45 Jungian psychology books
52:58 Facilitation skills book

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