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Marc C. Close, the founder & CEO of Bespokify, a fashion tech company, shares his experience on combining fashion, engineering, and tech to create a niche that never existed before.



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About the guest

Marc C. Close is the CEO and founder of Bespokify, a fashion tech startup that generates perfect fitted, custom designed apparel patterns automatically from 3D body scans. He managed to merge three disciplines he's passionate about, engineering, fashion, and technology, and created a unique niche for himself and pioneered a disruptive product no one has ever done before. He can share his experiences of leaving a secure life behind, rising from failures, and leading his team from the battlefield.


  • Studied: Civil Engineering
  • Past jobs: Civil Engineer, Marketing, Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Home country: Australia (currently an expat in Thailand)
  • MBTI: ENTJ / Enneagram: 3
  • Age at interview: 28

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Marc shared the books that completely changed his outlook on life, from setting him off on an entrepreneurial path, creating an entirely new product, to building relationships effectively.


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Timestamps & Quotes


00:36 Short intro of Bespokify (Marc’s company)
02:04 How would you describe yourself?
02:56 Discovering the meaning of life

@@“You don’t need much money to live a good life. Once you get past it, what really motivates you?” –Marc C. Close@@



04:43 Being the oldest child & going to an elite boys’ school
05:25 Moving to the beach and losing focus
06:25 Developing discipline through competitive swimming

@@“Put yourself in an elite environment where people will push the standards through the roof. If you’re not in that environment, you’re definitely handicapping yourself in the long term.” –Marc C. Close@@

08:07 Seizing engineering opportunities in high school
11:03 Working with a mining company
12:53 Moving to Thailand to start his own fashion business
13:54 How did you get interested in fashion?
15:54 Producing ballet flats & struggling to sell


19:11 Coming up with a new fashion tech startup idea
21:22 How to start something new no one has done before

@@“Just start. Don’t think that there’s a proper way to do it. Trust your instinct.” –Marc C. Close@@

25:22 Working with the first client, a men’s tailor
26:36 Developing products with a women’s fashion brand
28:53 Challenges of working with clients
30:20 Dealing with self-doubts & perfectionism
31:04 Getting validation that you’re on the right path
32:07 Techniques to cope with stress

@@“People don’t even ask themselves, “why am I stressed?” Ultimately, what’s the worst that can happen? If you can come to terms with an outcome, you can move on to solving the actual problems” –Marc C. Close@@

33:35 Team & leadership style
35:35 Bootstrap startup v.s. funded startup
38:02 Relationships with investors
41:09 Day-to-day work of a startup CEO
42:14 Shifting towards a sales/marketing role
44:43 Getting opportunities by putting yourself in public


48:33 Future goals for Bespokify & the fashion industry
50:00 Looking into nanobots and mining in space


51:09 Be persistent

@@“If you really wanna be successful, you have to keep persevering.” –Marc C. Close@@

52:48 Success is a journey, not a destination


53:43 Self-development books
56:07 Books that helped him build a business

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