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Sascha Funk, a Professor in Digital Marketing, talks about leading change by empowering students to think creatively, get the most out of school, and follow their dreams.



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About the guest

Sascha Funk is a German Professor in Digital Marketing, Journalism, and Media Studies, teaching in many leading universities in Thailand. After experiencing the soulless culture of a marketing agency, he decided to make a change in his life and became a volunteer English teacher in North Eastern Thailand. He saw the impact he made through education and returned to his roots in Digital Marketing to lead change from university classrooms. He prefers to give creative challenges where students have to experiment with ideas and think critically. He's also passionate about ed-tech, personal development, traveling, Thai boxing, and shares his thoughts and experiences on his blog.


  • Studied: Digital Marketing
  • Past jobs: Marketing, SEO Manager, English Teacher
  • Home country: Germany (currently an expat in Thailand)

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Timestamps & Quotes


00:21 Guest intro
01:55 Trying new things to overcome shyness



02:43 Thinking teachers are cool but he could never be one
04:29 Educational system in Germany
06:56 Apprenticeship at a bank
08:02 First time teaching as a volleyball coach
09:16 Army service experience
12:07 Studying digital marketing in university
13:50 Thesis project at an SEO tool company
14:17 Marketing agency life

@@“My job didn’t make me happy. I wasn’t making an impact, so I thought had to change something.” –Sascha Funk@@

17:12 Making a change & volunteering as an English teacher in Thailand
18:59 Realized he loved teaching
21:08 Teaching at universities in Bangkok


23:12 Moving to a more academic university

@@“I want to have discussions, not just preachings. I want to see how my students think and grow.” –Sascha Funk@@

24:45 Challenging students to think creatively
27:40 How do you structure your courses?
29:39 Techniques to keep up energy in class
30:49 Dislikes for admin tasks and academic style writing
32:24 Teaching a new subject every semester—entrepreneurship, journalism, media development


33:47 First public speaking experience
37:10 How do you prepare for a speech?
39:40 Public speaking tips


41:08 Can you tell which students will be successful?
42:05 Advice for students to get the most out of school & life

@@“Don’t be satisfied with mediocre results. You have to go beyond. Keep asking questions.” –Sascha Funk@@


46:04 How started
47:22 How did you get ideas for articles?
47:51 What are your readers interested in?



48:48 Teaching & getting a PhD
49:26 Making a lasting impact

@@“I still feel a pressure every time I teach to deliver something worth hearing.” –Sascha Funk@@


51:31 There’s no reason to be shy. You can try anything.

@@“You don’t need an approval to follow your dreams.” –Sascha Funk@@


53:14 Inspiration to follow your dreams & improve yourself
56:01 Great intro book for digital marketing

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